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    EnityManager not bound in webservice

    Magne Skjeret Newbie

      Hi all

      I am very unsure if this has something to do with JBossWs or any other component, including my own setup.

      My errors starts when using my webservice, so I guess it is a good place to start to find the reason for my problems.

      I have this setup:

      mybeans.jar (beans and annotated webservices)
      webservice.war/ a war to map urls to the webservices.

      The problem is that when I call the webservice the EntityManager is not bound in the statless bean/webservice.

      I suspect it might have to do something with scope or classpath, but I can't seem to find the reason for it.

      The war file contains nothing but a web.xml to map url's. All classes are in mybeans.jar. The persistence.xml and other xml files is in META-INF/
      The session bean, that is also the webservice, works when calling with jndi.

      Does anyone know what my problem can be about?