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    Problem creating WS with an deployed EAR file

    Andreas Herbig Newbie

      Hi all:

      I am trying to create a webservice with EJB3 etc.. I read and tried all examples to find out how this stuff works... But my problem is I have to create this webservice with an ear file... And I didn't find an example like this.

      In this ear file is a war and a jar file. The war file is the webapplication and the jar file is my bean stuff for my webapp.

      Ok if I pack all my WS stuff into the jar file JbossAS (4.0.4CR2 and 4.0.4GA) says that it found and started the Webservice

      21:36:13,363 INFO [WSDLFilePublisher] WSDL published to: file:/C:/JavaDev/jboss-4.0.4CR2/server/default/data/wsdl/ebe.ear/ebe.jar/MaseSystemService42373.wsdl
      21:36:13,363 INFO [ServiceEndpointManager] WebService started: http://xxxx:8080/ebe/MaseSystemBean

      But when I try to open the WSDL URL I only get a 404 (HTTP Status)

      If i pack this stuff into my war file the i become this exception:

      21:56:02,540 WARN [PortComponentMetaData] <wsdl-port> element in webservices.xml not namespace qualified: MaseSystem
      21:56:02,696 WARN [JBossEntityResolver] Trying to resolve systemId as a non-file URL: http://sql.java
      21:56:04,994 ERROR [MainDeployer] Could not create deployment: file:/C:/JavaDev/jboss-4.0.4CR2/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp42379ebe.ear-contents/ebe.war
      org.jboss.ws.WSException: Cannot load schema: [file:/C:/JavaDev/jboss-4.0.4CR2/server/default/tmp/jbossws/JBossWS_wikipage.mase42388.xsd, file:/C:/JavaDev/jboss-4.0.4CR2/server/default/tmp/jbossws/JBossWS_team.mase42387.xsd, file:/C:/JavaDev/jboss-4.0.4CR2/server/default/tmp/jbossws/JBossWS_system.mase42385.xsd, file:/C:/JavaDev/jboss-4.0.4CR2/server/default/tmp/jbossws/JBossWS_xml.apache.org_xml-soap42386.xsd]
       at org.jboss.ws.tools.JavaToXSD.parseSchema(JavaToXSD.java:197)

      It is clear that the WS doesn't know where to find my bean but I have no idea how to declare this... All examples I found are not implemented in this way.

      Has someone an idea how to handle this with an ear-file?

      Thx in advance