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    4.0.4 GA and jbossws

    Dan Smith Newbie

      I've been trying out the jbossws to create jsr-181 pojo syle endpoints on CR2. I know that on CR2 you had to manually copy the jbossws GA files to get things working.

      I assumed that 4.0.4 GA would include the jbossws GA, but it looks like I still have to copy the jbossws manually to get this working.

      Why was jbossws GA left out of the 4.0.4 release?

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          Philippe Larouche Newbie

          I don't know what you're talking about... it's included in it!

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            Dan Smith Newbie

            Well.... it contains jbossws14.sar and jbossws-client14.jar, but you can't deploy a jsr181 pojo with these (as has been noted in several posts now) unless you install jbossws.sar and jbossws-client.jar from the jbossws GA release which must be downloaded seperately....

            Am I really missing something here? I had 4.0.4.CR2 with jbossws GA installed and everything was working. When I deploy these same services to stock 4.0.4.GA I get the same exceptions I used to get on 4.0.4.RC2 (without jbossws GA). When I install jbossws GA on 4.0.4.GA everything works again.

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              Philippe Larouche Newbie

              Which type of install have you done?? I think that the "default" one and the "all" one use 1.4 stuff for compatibility. If you install JBoss AS with EJB3 support, for example, it should work!

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                Dan Smith Newbie

                Ok, this would be the problem. I am not installing using the installer, just the downloading the zip file. I'll give the installer a try to see what happens.

                This would also explain the deployment scanner error I'm getting about EJB3 when I install jbossws GA manually.