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    Confused about the new JBossWS, JSR 109 and wstools

    steinarrune Newbie

      I finally though I had it all figured out, making a Session bean Web Services as specified under the JSR 109 docs.

      I have a standalone client that can access this via JNDI
      "java:comp/env/service/MyService" and this works fine as long as the client run on the same host as the service.

      I should add that my Service returns a complex datatype (MySession ) as well:
      MySession loginUser(String user, String password)throws java.rmi.RemoteException, LoginFailed;
      I works fine as long as I run the service via JNDI as described in the docs with a client proxy deployed on JBoss.

      If I connect from a different client machine I get Connection refused on java:comp/env/service/MyService. Why?

      When I change my client to connect via URLs to WSDL
      Service service = serviceFactory.createService(urlWsdl, new QName(nameSpaceUri, serviceName));

      Then it connects but fails when it cannot optain mappings for the datattype MySession.

      How do I fix this?

      WIth old w4ee notation, I seem to remember that we could put in a w4ee-client.xml file or something that would populate the wsdd file with type mappings. I can't see how this works now after having tried numerous ways to add type info to my wstools generated Web Service.