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    [newbie] ant file needed

    Adam Newbie


      I have downloaded JbossWS examples and build them. My question is: can anyone show me ant file which build only one web service and deploy it on jboss - something like ant files in ejb3 tutorial from jboss - I am not ant expert - the ones in ejb tutorial were great for me and I wish i had something like them for JbossWS.
      Another question is - do I have to write wsdl file myself - would java2wsdl from axis be helpful? Which files i have to write to deploy ws?

      Thanks in advance,

      sorry for my English ;]

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          Burr Sutter Master

          See if these instructions are useful for your newbie/getting started experience:


          After playing with some of the samples I decided to look for an easier way to build/deploy annotated Web Services. At the moment, I am using the technique described in the above posting for all of my WS endpoints and always using VB.NET (via Visual Basic Express Edition 2005) as the consumer.


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            Thomas Diesler Master

            The examples are designed such that you can go in ever directory and run a simple ant script from there. This only runs a single WS test.

            Burr, your aproach is good for interop testing, but ignores the benefits of the client deployment model


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              Burr Sutter Master

              I've been thinking about that lately.

              True newbies (meaning not been through the joys of WS4EE) would be better served with the 181 WebServices from the WAR concept. And you are correct that the little tutorial doesn't address Java-based clients. I'll have to see if there is a way to include that as well. I rarely use Java clients to my Java-based Web Services, after all, Java to Java integration is often better handled with RMI/EJB instead of SOAP.

              It would be nice if the JBossWS samples had a hello world example that didn't involve having one build.xml importing another.

              As this makes it harder to setup my own "sandbox" for developing outside of the samples file structure. Note: if you are an Ant expert this doesn't present a challenge in any way but for the newbie, including Ant newbie, it is a little harder to get started.

              I do realize why you have the build files based off each other but it does make it more challenging for the novice who is looking to quickly ramp up and have immediate success with their own little project.

              We have the same challenge on the Seam project as well. I know they are looking to address it.


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                Adam Newbie

                Sory I didn't write earlier - I wrote ant file which compile, build and deploy ws and its client - ant is very easy if you have some examples. I took one hour for me.