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    WS4EE - Enpoint URL modified at deploy time

    Yogesh Bhardwaj Newbie

      Hello all,

      Looks like I'm missing some configuration here. I've exposed an EJB as a web service in my application using ws4ee approach (including a ws4ee-deployment.xml, webservices.xml and jaxrpc-mapping.xml). I included a WSDL file in my EJB jar and referred it in webservices.xml. The WSDL definition contains an endpoint URL, but it gets overwritten when I deploy the EAR on the server. The URL for the service becomes as follows:


      Adding a '?wsdl' to the above URL gives a 404.

      The URL does show my exposed method and has a link to the WSDL, which takes me to:


      Is there a way I can stick to the end-point URL that I mentioned in my WSDL? I can attach my WSDL, ws4ee-deployment.xml, jaxrpc-maping.xml, webservices.xml and WSDD if that might help. Would appreciate any feedback.