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    static stub client inside jboss

    nuno oliveira Newbie


      I need to program a client for a web service running outside jboss 4.03sp1. The client will be a POJO included in a deployed ejb-jar. For performance reasons I think it would be better to use static clients, instead of dynamic ones. However, I'm anaware of any jboss tool that allows the generation of those stubs.
      At the same time I am afraid of mixing wsdl2java axis generated code within jboss due to possible classloading issues raised by the overlapping definitions between the axis jars and jboss ones.
      Finally, to complicate things even more, my client will need to authenticated itself via certificates for mutual ssl comunications.

      Given this messy array of constraints, can anyone provide some advice on the best strategy ? right now I'm very much inclined to dynamic proxies instead of static (and unaware of the real performance penalties...). The security issue cannot be disregarded either. Not even sure whether it is possible to setup that inside jboss. Ultimately, I may have to build an external j2se web service client, triggered from the jboss server via rmi or something, in the way of a proxy. HELP!!!!