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    EJB3 ready for production in the enterprise?

    Justin Bertram Newbie

      I am developing a solution for the company I work for and I have the opportunity to upgrade our technologies. We are currently using JBoss 4.0.2 with EJB 2.1 spec compliant (I think) EJBs exposed as Web Services.

      I have upgraded to JBoss 4.0.4 GA (and JDK 1.5) but was still planning on using EJB 2.1 spec compliant EJBs with JBossWS because I didn't think a "Release Candidate" (EJB3 RC7 FD) would offer the necessary stability for us. Reliability is important as our solutions will feature multiple redundant app servers. However, I was also planning to upgrade to EJB3 as soon as it went GA and I would like to avoid having to upgrade twice so quickly.

      My questions are:

      How close is GA for EJB3?
      Would using EJB3 RC7 FD in production be risky?

      One more thing...I am having a bit of trouble knowing how to use WSTools to generate the necessary artifacts for a 2.1 EJB packaged and deployed in an ear. All the examples in the User Guide package and deploy them as war files (servlets).