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    java-wsdl generating namespaces with jaws suffix

    Andrew Sacamano Newbie

      I'm hoping for an clue about where I can find more info on the JAWS v2.0 spec referenced in WSDLUtils.java. As far as I can tell its either Java Web Start, or the new JBoss container managed persistance framework - both of which leave me a bit baffled as to why they'd be in the WSDLUtils class.

      The back story:

      I've deployed a couple of web services using JBoss 4.0.3, and the JWSDP jaxrpc wscompile tools, with lots of success. I'm exploring making the switch to JBossWS (and JBoss 4.0.4), and the WSTools wsdl generation. I'm paranoid about changing the wsdl on my web service's clients, since they're A) running .NET, and B) not available to make updates to their code.

      Generally, the wsdls (JWSDP and JBossWS generated) seem to be compatible with one another, and almost all of my test cases run fine (still digging into that one) - but with the java-wsdl generated wsdl, there are a bunch of namespaces with a 'jaws' suffix, and they make me nervous.

      I'm not sure why they're there - the types namespace I specified in the config.xml for WSTools is also being used - there are just a bunch of imported namespaces ending in /jaws.

      So I'm a bit paranoid, and a bit confused, and looking for someone to make me feel better :-)