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    Dependencies for running JMS Transport sample

    Chander Pechetty Newbie

      Has anyone run the JMS Transport sample ? the ant build complains about

      While I can get the source from the fisheye link provided in the user guide and try to compile it, is there a jar with all dependencies which i can use to run the sample.


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          Dave Hill Newbie

          I'm really hoping to get EJB3 MDBs going with JBossWS. I know the docs state that only j2ee1.4 mdbs are supported but I was digging thru the code and was hoping to pick up some of the load.

          I've seen some of code for this in Fisheye, here's what I think I know:
          I saw where the MessageDispatcherFactory will pick up either the AxisMessageDispatcher or the JMSMessageDispatcher. For my setup with JBossWS instead of ws4ee I assume the JMSMessageDispatcher will be invoked. The JMSMD grabs a ServiceEndpointManagerFactory --> ServiceEndpointManager --> ServiceEndpoint --> ServiceEndpointInvoker and finally checks to see if it's a ServiceEndpointInvokerMDB and sets the original mdb as the targetbean in this invoker. That's where I'm at with this at the moment, not sure what happens from here.

          I know these classes are all part of the WS teams' service engine and may be a work in progress... if so I'd be willing help. Otherwise I'll just shut up and color:)

          If this is already working but I missed it please let me know.