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    WS Security samples test fails

    Fabio Rosellini Newbie

      We tried to run jbossws-1.0.0.GA examples related to WS-Security with no success in a Java 1.5 environment. We obtain the same errors detailed in


      and in the case


      in User Forum (with no answers).

      We need a confirmation of the result of your own tests to decide what to do. Nowadays we are also trying to develop customized security handlers to sign and encript, but we have faced with other problem: we sign a SOAPMessage, transforming it to Document, but we can't update the SOAPMessage using SOAPMEssage.getPart().setContent with a DOMSource. Is it a bug? We can do it with Axis .jars but there is an incompatibility with SOAPMEssage class in jbossall-client.jar.
      We'll appreciate any answer.
      Thanks in advance...