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    Share java types accross multiple web services

    Andy Redhead Newbie

      We are working with JBossWS (in JBoss 4.0.4.GA) and .Net 2.0.

      We have 2 web services running in jboss and we are accessing them from a .Net client. The web services are created using EJB3 stateless session beans, EJB3 entity beans and JSR181 annotations.

      One of our web services creates new BusinessPartner objects. The BusinessPartner object has a field of type LegalEntity (called legalEntity). Our other web service is really a reference data service, it has a couple of methods, one that lists all LegalEntities (as an array of LegalEntity objects) and another that gets a LegalEntity by its primary key.

      On the client side we get the list of LegalEntities using the reference data service and populate a dropdown. We then use getById on the reference data service to get an instance of LegalEntity (based on the item selected in the dropdown) and finally we would like to set the legalEntity parameter on our BusinessPartner object to the value of the LegalEntity we just got.

      The problem:

      Although we have a single LegalEntity type in our Java code, we are getting a differentLegalEntity type in each of our web services, so I cant use a LegalEntity returned by the reference data service as a parameter in the other service!

      Any ideas how I can acheive this?