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    jbossws1.0.1.GA, JSR-181, Collections and an Exception

    Christian Betz Newbie

      Hi all!

      calling the following WebMethod results in an Exception in JBoss4.0.4.GA with jbossws1.0.1.GA:

      public Collection listUsers(@WebParam(name="transactionId")String transactionId)
      return dao.listUsers();

      The exception message is:
      Caused by: org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBValueFormatException: Java value for XSD boolean type expected to be an instance of java.lang.Boolean or java.lang.Number. But the value is of type java.util.HashMap$Values

      The generated wsdl contains this type definition, which - to me - looks incorrect.

      Is this my fault? Is it a bug in the jsr-181 implementation in jbossws1.0.1 and how can I cope with this?

      Any help appreciated!