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    help with jsr181, ejb3s and message style end points, do the

    Craig Barker Newbie

      Hi All,

      Quick question...i'm using 181 annotated EJB3's in a very simple web service and i want to know if it's possible to have my EJB pickup the SOAP message as a DOM object instead of being bound to some Java data type. Yes I am talking about message style endpoints but via 181 annotations. If there are no direct 181 annotations that will get this working can I leave my object as it is at present and create some other deployment artifact to get this working? Or do i have to bite the bullet and come away from EJB3s and 181 annotations to achieve this?

      The artifacts i have so far are......


      @WebService(name = "EndpointInterface",
      public @Stateless class TestEndPointBean {
       @WebMethod public SOAPElement helloWorld(SOAPElement msg)
       return new SOAPElementImpl("test");

      relevant snipped of my WSDL file

       <xsd:element name="helloWorldResponse" type="xsd:anyType" />
       <message name="EndpointInterface_helloWorldResponse">
       <part name="result" element="tns:helloWorldResponse" />
       <message name="EndpointInterface_helloWorld">
       <!-- <part name="parameters" element="tns:root" /> -->
       <part name="input" element="tns:helloWorldResponse" />
       <portType name="EndpointInterface">
       <operation name="helloWorld">
       <input message="tns:EndpointInterface_helloWorld" />
       <output message="tns:EndpointInterface_helloWorldResponse" />

      Many thanks in advance,