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    Questions about Failure Handling and WS-ReliableMessaging

    Mirco Graf Newbie


      we are developing a WS-Interface for an underlying Workflow-System. At the moment, we´re discussing how to recognize and catch situations like network failures etc.

      A worst case example: an incoming client request is executed and the network between client and server breaks down. the process in the workflow-system will be executed successfully, but the client will never receive an acknowledgment about this. So he would send a new request, and the process would be executed twice..

      A solution would be WS-Transactions, but we are not able to realize this at the moment, due to missing two-phase-commit functionality in participating systems and clients.

      The WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Reliability specifications point on this issues, such as avoidance of request duplicates etc.

      Unfortunately, JBoss WS doesn´t support these specifications :-( Are there any plans to integrate such functionality in near future?

      On the other side, the problem is Web-Service and HTTP-specific. So is there an established and known concept or workaround to realize similar aspects as the specifications describe? I think we are not the first ones discussing these problems?!

      Thanx & cheers,