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    JBossWS and a 1.4 JDK

    Matt Wringe Master


      I am trying to follow the wiki article on how to install JBoss 4.0.4 GA
      and JBossWS 1.0.0 GA:


      Except, that the instructions seem to be no longer valid. Building
      JBossWS appears to require having built JBoss with a 1.5 jdk (the
      build.xml for jbossws explicitly looks for the ejb3 container in the
      jboss build).

      Is it still possible to use JBossWS 1.0.0 with a 1.4 JDK build of JBoss

      Once JBossWS is built, is it possible to run the tests using an 1.4 JDK?

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Matt Wringe

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          Jason Greene Master

          4.0.4.GA comes with 1.0.0, so you don't need to build it.

          If you want to build it, then yes the instructions have changed slightly. You need both the ejb3 profile and the jdk 4 one to produce a jdk 4 build.

          This is because the code is actually written in Java 5, and must be bytecode altered to run on Java 4.