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    Does JBoss-WS support EJB3?

    Yair Zaslavsky Newbie

      Good day all,
      Currently we're working with JBoss 4.04 RC1

      When we develop a web service, we still develop it using "J2EE/EJB 2.1" style -
      What I mean is that we define an interface for the endpoint, that extends RMIRemote, we also write a stateless session bean , we right a remote and remote-home interface, and we use an ejb-jar.xml file to "tie" all of this up together.
      I understood that at a certain point ( I dont know if in JBoss 4.04 production release or future version) there is going to be a @WebService annotation, and all this configuration mess is going to be alot easier.
      Can you please tell me if this is the situation in the current version , and if so - point me to some examples or links about how to do this?