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    setting custom port via binding service manager

    Huy Nguyen Newbie


      Is it possible to set a different port number via binding service manager? I'm using jbossws-1.0.1.GA

      I tried this, but it didn't work, the port in wsdl links and soap:address kept defaulting to 8080:

       <server name="default">
       <service-config name="jboss.ws:service=ServiceEndpointManager"
       <delegate-config portName="WebServicePort" hostName="WebServiceHost"/>
       <attribute name="WebServiceSecurePort">8443</attribute>
       <attribute name="AlwaysModifySOAPAddress">True</attribute>
       <binding port="8181" host="${jboss.bind.address}"/>

      It only works when I undeploy, then manually set the port through jmx-console, and redeploy.