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    Error Calling web service

    Syed Sajid Newbie

      Hi All!!

      I am trying to call or invoke a web service from an Action Handler of a jBPM process. The service is build using apache axis and deployed on TomCat 5.5.

      When I run the web service client locally from the command prompt it works alright after setting the CLASSPATH to the folder of containing Class file + the required jar files like axis.jar etc.

      But when I try to invoke it from the action handler it gives me this error:

      action threw exception: org/apache/axis/client/Service
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/axis/client/Service

      It looks like the same Class path issue, but I have no idea what to put now in the class path, I set it using the MyComputer->Properties->Advanced->Environment variables and it contains all the jar files mentioned in the Apache Axis tutorial.

      The location of my java source file is:
      C:\Documents and Settings\itssd.os9\workspace\holiday-demo\src\java\com\sample\action\TestClient.java

      and the location of the resulting Class file, after the process compiles it is:
      C:\Documents and Settings\itssd.os9\workspace\holiday-demo\bin\com\sample\action\TestClient.class

      My question is what am I doing wrong and why is this error coming and how can I remove it?

      I am very frustrated, please help me!