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    Soap Attachments problem with JBossAS 4.0.3

    philippe carvalho Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.3 in order to deploy a WS with attachments.
      I've tried the step by step process available in the web site but still have problems when deploying on JBoss (under the SunApp Server, all works fine).
      Is it possible to use the -f:datahandleronly argument of the wscompile tool in order to deploy the SAAJ WS? What's the difference between the base64Binary generated with this option and the hexBinary added by hand in the tutorial? Are these two data types supported by JBossAS 4.0.3?
      Is there a sample zip file working good anywhere? (a war to deploy directly and wrking), or has anybody any good sample, explained properly with the config files associated with?