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    WSDL First Model?

    Todd Hibben Newbie

      I don't see anything in the JBossWS documentation describing how to create and deploy a service if I want to hand-craft the WSDL file and let it be the source for generating other server-side artificats. Is there some doc on how this can be done in 4.0.4.GA?

      Thanks, Todd

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          Brian Newbie

          If you're looking to build JSR-181 endpoints, then you can "handcraft" the implement class, endpoint interface, and all the JAXB value classes using JSR-181 annotations.

          I'm using the JAX-WS 2.0 RI "wsimport" tool to generate these classes frm a hand-crafted WSDL. (Throw away the "-Service.java" class that gets generated as that's client-side only stuff.) Implement the endpoint interface, package as a beas or in a WAR, and you're off. I've run in to a few deployment-time problems in complex WSDL/schema cases, but generally seems to be working well with this technique.

          Brian Maso

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            Tejas Jani Newbie

            Hi, I am looking to do something similar. I have a hand-crafted WSDL from which I want to generate the type classes and other server-side artifacts to deploy.

            Do I need to use wsimport to generate the type classes ?

            Also, I assume I would need to run the wstools after that to generate the jaxrpc-mapping.xml file and webservices.xml file (I am assuming that the WSDL file that wstools generates would be a throw away for this purpose?)

            I am using JBoss 4.0.5GA.

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              Tejas Jani Newbie

              Hi jdcmember,

              am I interpreting your response correctly in that:

              (1) I use JAX-WS wsimport tool to create the stub and type classes
              (2) implement the endpoint interface
              (3) package all this up in a war file and deploy it on jboss

              My questions are:

              - I will need to run the wstools utility somewhere as well, to generate the jaxrpc-mapping.xml and webservice.xml, right ?
              - wstools is also going to generate its own wsdl file. What do I do with that file ? and should I also package my own wsdl file with the war file ?
              - If not, then what do I do with my own wsdl file ?
              - Have you seen any limitations with this approach ?

              Thanks in advance.