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    passing the burden of specifying namespace->pkg mapping to t

    Shantanu Sen Newbie

      I have not got any answer to this question so I'll try it agin.

      With JBoss 4.0.4, the JBoss developers have passes on the responsibility of
      specifying the package to namespace mapping of java-wsdl to the user. As
      a result, people who are writing tools that takes in user-defined interfaces
      and use wstools to generate the wsdl need to figure out and supply the
      package name to namespace mapping in the java-wsdl config. This works
      fine as long as the SEI and its associated classes that it references are in
      the same package, but in an enterprise setup, this is a rarity - the SEI
      uses classes from various other packages.

      At the moment, JBoss expects that all pkg->namespace need to be supplied, which puts a heavy burden on the tool-writer in this case. Is this
      a first shot approach and the goal is to generate a default mapping if the
      user does not supply them (like what is done by all other vendors).

      Or is this a permanent design?

      I wonder why I get no responses on this? A simple 'Yes this is the design
      and you will have to follow this if you want to use Jboss' will do!! :)

      If this is indeed a 'permanent' design, then I have to look elsewhere - axis
      at this time is far better IMO.

      Any answer will suffice, but going by the record in this group, I kinda doubt
      I'll get one.