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    Deployment Problem

    Andre Riso Newbie

      Hi Everybody.

      I'm a Student and I'm trying to migrate my WSs from Tmcat+Axis to JBoss+JBossWS (for the WS-S implementation)

      I have read the user guide but I'm still having problems with the basic deploy operation.

      In Axis if I wanted to deploy a basic class like

      package miopackage;
      public class SalutoWS {
       public String saluto(String nome) {
       return "Ciao "+nome+"!";

      I create the WSDD file and i start the deployment.

      But how can i do in JBossWS?

      I follow the tutorial but I think that I'm making a sistematic mistake in the process...

      Somone can help me?

      (I'm only a student, excuseme for the stupid question :p )