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    xsi:type not supported in JBossAP?

    Christian Faucher Newbie


      We have a data structure, defined in XSDs. Using JAXB'x (the one from JWSDP 1.6), we generate JAXB stubs for the XSDs structure.

      Outside JBoss (e.g. standalone main), we can marshal to XML/unmarshal from XML the JAXB object tree.

      We invoked a Axis Web Service, deployed in JBoss 4.0.4, that is Message-type. Using the Request SOAPEnvelope's body, we retrieve the our XML and try to unmarshal it into the JAXB object tree.

      However, inside JBoss, JAXB does not recognize our complex types?! Is it possible that the xsi:type are not supported in JBoss?! Without that, it seems it cannot map the complex types to the given XSD, and JAXB fails to load.

      Thanks in advance for any input!