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    jbossws-1.0.2 released

    Heiko Braun Master

      As of this post I am happy to anounce that jbossws-1.0.2.GA is released. It is a drop in replacement for jbossws-1.0.0.GA in JBossAS-4.0.4.GA and also works in standalone Tomcat. This allows you to develop standard portable J2EE-1.4 web service endpoints in Tomcat that can be deployed to JBoss whenever full app server support is required.


      What's new
      * [JBWS-75] JBossWS Benchmark
      * [JBWS-673] Switch to SchemaBinding-based marshaller
      * [JBWS-750] WSDLToJava: add support for parameter unwrapping
      * [JBWS-855] Provide MTOM for document/literal
      * [JBWS-920] integrate wstools wsdl2java functionality
      * [JBWS-921] integrate wstools java2wsdl functionality
      * [JBWS-932] Performance bottleneck when marshalling array types
      * [JBWS-950] Attributes of type xsd:QName incorrectly serialized
      * [JBWS-961] XOP: Incorrect Content-ID
      * [JBWS-974] SchemaBinding Marshaller: QName namespaces not registered
      * [JBWS-977] Create better wstools documentation
      * [JBWS-986] SchemaBinding Marshaller: NullPointerException
      * [JBWS-987] SchemaBinding Marshaller: Problems marshaller soap encoded structs
      * [JBWS-988] SchemaBinding Marshaller: NPE when marshalling characters
      * [JBWS-990] StackOverflow in SchemaUtils
      * [JBWS-991] SchemaBinding Marshaller: Field mapping broken
      * [JBWS-992] Tools - Java to WSDL - Facility to Ignore collections
      * [JBWS-994] ContextServlet search for a class that is not present in the distribution package
      * [JBWS-995] Clarification: activation.jar and mail.jar are not visible to the JBossXB
      * [JBWS-997] wsdl-java generates incorrect java types for base64binary values
      * [JBWS-998] wsdl-java does not correctly uppercase parameter and return types on an SEI
      * [JBWS-1003] Ignore collection types in java-wsdl
      * [JBWS-1005] Include the release number in the distribution
      * [JBWS-1006] JBossWS does not deploy on an installer generated JBoss 4.0.4.GA instance
      * [JBWS-1010] Support for inherited service endpoint interfaces - JAX-RPC 5.5.4
      * [JBWS-1011] NullPointerException deploying JSR-109 deployment that contains entity beans.
      * [JBWS-1012] Remove log noise from GET requests
      * [JBWS-1015] Release jbossws-1.0.2.GA binary
      * [JBWS-1027] QName namespaces are not marshalled
      * [JBWS-1038] jbossws-thirdparty.jar seems to be missing in the downloadable distribution
      * [JBWS-1041] force.thirdparty.get from test directory fails
      * [JBWS-1049] Namespace to package mapping does not work as described
      * [JBWS-1068] Cannot handle xsd:import of xml schema
      * [JBWS-1072] SecurityConfig not parsed for 181 deployments
      * [JBWS-1073] HandlerMeta data does not reflect "port-name" config
      * [JBWS-1074] Handler meta data does not reflect "soap-header" config
      * [JBWS-1076] Pass CTS for jaxr, jaxrpc, saaj, webservice
      * [JBWS-1091] SchemaBinding Marshaller -Polymorphism in types

      For details see the change log.

      Have fun,
      the JBossWS Team