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    SOAP Intermediary Forwarding

    Scott Jones Newbie

      I need examples of code that acts as a SOAP Intermediary and forwards the message.

      Anyone have examples


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          Lightenex Cui Newbie

          yeah, there are many ways that about SOAP intermediary and forwarding, in this case, it is all about the service routing, and your SOAP implementation can be act as a service router, generally speaking, you can implement it in two ways.
          The first one, SOAP header has a field called actor, if you set this field, the resource/service represented by the actor will be the first place for the request handling, within that service, you can locate the destination and forward the SOAP body to that destination.
          The second one is, implement the service router module, passes service name as a in parameter, lookup the service routing table, find out the destination, forward the SOAP body part, don't forget to address the source address to the SOAP header
          good luck :-)