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    Isis Isis Newbie

      Hi all!

      I've installed jwsdp-1.5.

      Using the following command:

      wscompile -cp "webservice.jar" -gen:server -f:documentliteral -mapping jaxrpc-mapping.xml config.xml

      I obtain an error:
      >error: invalid type for JAX-RPC structure: ossj.ttri.ws.stubs.CancelTroubleTicketByResponse

      This is the CancelTroubleTicketByResponse.java code:

      package ossj.ttri.ws.stubs;
      public class CancelTroubleTicketByKeyResponse
      public CancelTroubleTicketByKeyResponse()throws UnsupportedOperationException{

      The config.xml file:

      The interface:

      package ossj.ttri.ws.stubs;
      import java.rmi.Remote;
      import java.rmi.RemoteException;

      public interface TroubleTicketWSPort
      extends Remote

      public abstract CancelTroubleTicketByKeyResponse cancelTroubleTicketByKey(CancelTroubleTicketByKeyRequest canceltroubleticketbykeyrequest)
      throws CancelTroubleTicketByKeyException, RemoteException;


      Thanks in advance!!