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    Schema Validation in JBOSS-WS

    Srinivas Desirazu Newbie

      I am trying to use JBOSSWS 1.0.2. and JBOSSAS-4.0.4GA

      I am starting with a WSDL file that contains a schema. I used WSTOOLS to generate the appropriate artifacts

      I would like to use DOCUMENT/LITERAL wrapped style and I would like to turn on schema validation of my XML instances against a schema defined in the WSDL (on receipt of the message the server does the validation ?).

      Looking through the sources, I see that JAXBDeserializer (jbossws-core.jar) calls JAXBUnmarshallerImpl which calls UnmarshallerImpl (jboss-xml-binding.jar) which does the parsing of the XML.

      I do not see any call to UnmarshallerImpl.setSchemaValidation in this call graph. Should this be called to turn on to do Schema Validation ? If so how and where ?

      Is Schema Validation for Document/Literal something that JBOSSWS 1.0.2 supports ?

      How does one turn on XML Schema validation in JBOSSWS ?

      Thanks for any help