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    Newbie: How do you modify the java package/namespace mapping

    James Schreuder Newbie

      I am developing a series of JSR181 annotated webservices that I automatically deploy to the jboss deploy directory. JBoss correctly deploys the ejbs and the webservices are available and all working fine.

      BUT, I can't find a way of configuring how the java packages containing custom java classes are mapped to namespaces in the generated wsdl. This seems to be possible using the xml configuration for wstools, but I am not using wstools as I am allowing JBoss to do all the deployment for me.

      The wstools conifguration xsd has the following element which is probably what I need to set somehow WITHOUT using wstools.

       <xs:element name="package-namespace" type="ns1:pkgNSType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
       <xs:documentation>Allows customization of the java package name to xml namespace mapping. This is specified in package/namespace element pairs.</xs:documentation>

      How can I configure the WSDL generation in JBOSS to modify java package to namespace mapping????