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    Connection timed out: connect

    Piotr D Newbie

      i have webservice deployed on my jboss. I wrote client application to invoke this webservice and it works fine when i run it outside jboss (local standalone application) . But when i try to invoke this webservice from jboss (using the same code) i always get exception (everything is in my local jboss):

      Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect
       at org.apache.axis.AxisFault.makeFault(AxisFault.java:129)
       at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.invoke(HTTPSender.java:131)
       at org.apache.axis.strategies.InvocationStrategy.visit(InvocationStrategy.java:71)
       at org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.doVisiting(SimpleChain.java:150)
       at org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.invoke(SimpleChain.java:120)
       at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke(AxisClient.java:180)
       at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invokeEngine(Call.java:2564)
       at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:2553)
       at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:2248)
       at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:2171)
       at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:1691)
       at hk.hku.cecid.edi.as2.service.AS2SoapHttpSendStub.request(AS2SoapHttpSendStub.java:105)
       at comarch.inkubator.communication.As2Communication.sendXML(As2Communication.java:124)
       ... 29 more
      Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect
       at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect(Native Method)
       at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.doConnect(PlainSocketImpl.java:305)
       at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.connectToAddress(PlainSocketImpl.java:171)
       at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.connect(PlainSocketImpl.java:158)
       at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:452)
       at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:402)
       at java.net.Socket.<init>(Socket.java:309)
       at java.net.Socket.<init>(Socket.java:124)
       at org.apache.axis.components.net.DefaultSocketFactory.create(DefaultSocketFactory.java:134)
       at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.getSocket(HTTPSender.java:157)
       at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.invoke(HTTPSender.java:114)
       ... 40 more

      I search forums but i can't find solution...
      Please help !

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          Steve Newbie

          ummm the connection timed out exeception usually means you are trying to connect a port on a machine that is not open...

          For example if your server is running on port 80 and your web service is trying to connect to port 8080. you will get this error.

          There are so many different reasons that you could get this error... your service is not up, you have changed the web ports but not the web service ports. etc.. etc.. etc..

          My first guess would be that you have configured jboss to run on a different port but have missed the jbossws port configs. check this by pulling up http://localhost:8080/jbossws (with your current ports) and browsing to the wsdl, then check the soap:address location that it matches what you are expecting.