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    problem adding soapheaders to response with EJB21 ws

    Ole Matzura Novice


      I have a JAXRPC-handler thats adds some soap-headers to the response message in handleResponse( .. ). Unfortunately, these headers only work when deploying the handler with as a servlet/POJO-based WS, when adding them to a EJB21.based WS, the headers never "show up" in the response..

      after some debugging/breakointing, I found that when running under an EJB, the response message is processed twice by the SOAPBindingProvider.bindResponseMessage; once from the ServiceEndpointInterceptor, then from the "outer" ServiceEndpointInvoker.. since the JAXRPC-handlers are invoked "between" these 2, the added headers are effectively removed in the second bindResponseMessage (which seems to create a new SOAPMessageImpl every time..)..

      (this is from the 1.0.3GA version/sources..)

      am I mistaken? any workaround available?

      thanks for any reply..