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    wsdl to java server implementation

    tony nemil Newbie

      Hi All,

      Just wondering about a particular problem...

      We have external servers/suppliers of information which will push information to us by having us implement a wsdl they provide which they then use to push us data....

      Current solutions appear to allow creating a server from pojo/ejb...or to generate a standalone server from wsdl...

      However, we would ideally want a solution that is integrated with app server (jboss) via servlets or similar such so that:
      1. new ports are not required
      2. easily makes use of app server frameworks

      I am currently investigating several solutions:

      1. WebServiceProxyServlet which just forwards requests to a
      service implemented in something like Axis...this way additional ports
      would only need to be seen by aforementioned servlet which would
      listen on the jboss http port
      2. integrate servlet with existing solutions by having it call code for
      deciphering xml to objects, blah, blah, blah...although it looks like it
      might be difficult to inject a servlet into this for something like Axis
      3. take pojo objects generated by vendor wsdltojava and see if
      webservicing them via pojo @WebService annotations would work

      Ideally would just have a wsdltojava which generated servlet code or allowed plugging servlet code...rather than some standalone server like in axis....

      Anyone done something similar to this or have any hints ?