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    wsdlLocation and jaxrpc-mapping.xml

    Srinivas Desirazu Newbie

      We are building some webservices using JBOSS-WS. We have pre-existing
      wsdl files which we specify using wsdlLocation attribute on
      @WebService annotation.



      However on deployment of the webservice we see the following error

      17:18:15,832 WARN [JavaWsdlMapping] Cannot find jaxrpc-mapping for type: {http:
      17:18:15,832 WARN [JavaWsdlMapping] Cannot find jaxrpc-mapping for type: {http:
      17:18:15,848 WARN [SchemaBindingBuilder] Type definition not found in schema: {
      17:18:15,848 WARN [SchemaBindingBuilder] Cannot obtain type binding for: {http:

      If we do not specify a wsdlLocation and let the deployer generate the WSDL the error messages disappear, suggesting that the deployer creates a mapping at runtime.

      Should one have to deploy jaxrpc-mapping.xml files when deploying
      webservices that use a pre-existing WSDL ?

      Is there an annotation or attribute that we can specify in our Java file to point to a jaxrpc-mapping.xml file ?

      Does jaxrpc-mapping.xml get used when deploying a web service that has
      a wsdlLocation attribute specified.

      Thanks for any help.