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    Problem migrating from old JBoss Webservice to new on

    Reiner Kappenberger Newbie


      we're having some trouble moving from the old style Webservice (as was present up to JBossAS 4.0.4RC1 to the new JBoss Webservice.

      We have an application that makes heavy use of the javax.xml.soap API. While the old AXIS based implementation did send correct messages the new one is giving us problems that will cause our applications to break.

      In the old AXIS implementation there was no line termination data appended as we set the Content-Length information in the header. In the new implementation there is a numeric ending data appended that will cause the receiver (based on gSOAP) to sometimes miss data elements that are wrapped to a new line.

      Is there a way to get rid of those numeric end sequences that are transmitted? If not we can't continue supporting JBoss for our application and must migrate to a different application server moving forward.

      Thank you,