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    Pure message style SOAP exchange

    Giuseppe Sarno Newbie

      I would like to have a simple WS where I can send different XML documents (starting with a different root element) using the same SOAP channel.

      I basically want to implement a simple and generic SOAP XML doc exchange interface.

      I looked at the documentation and I thought Messaging style did for me.
      But when I looked at the conf file I noticed that we still need to specify the root element for the incoming message and for the return message.

      1 question: Why it is so ? if the either the sender and the responder implements method that do not care about the content ?

       <operation name="processElement" return-xml-name="Response">
       <parameter type="javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement" xml-name="Order"/>
      public interface MessageTestService extends Remote
       public Element processElement(Element msg) throws RemoteException;

      2 question: How can I solve my problem with JbossWS? is it possible ?

      Can anyone please help on this ?