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    URGENT ....Duplicate names in the generated WSDL !! cannot c

    Sureshbabu Thyvalappil Newbie

      I'm using JBOSS 4.0.4 GA and have ejb3 exposed as web services.
      Ran into an issue where the generated wsdl has same definition of my class twice.
      Very odd...
      My interface has methods like

      public ReportBean getReportBean(int[] accounts);

      public long submitJob(Job aJob);

      Job has ReportBean as a member variable. So basicallly I call getReportBean() and call submitJob(Job aJob) after that by sending back the ReportBean I got back along with other stuff.

      Now issue is I see 2 instances of ReportBean in the WSDL !!

      If I change Job object to take another bean(say InputBean which is replica of ReportBean), there is one instance of ReportBean..

      Can any one help me to figure out what is going on???? I think it is a BUG in JBOSSWS..

      HELP HELP...