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    deploy two web services (jsr-181) in same war file

    dim elef Newbie


      I have created two web services using jsr-181 spec. Each web service has its own name,targetNamespace and serviceName. Each web service exists on a different class and both are deployed as a web application.
      @WebService(name = "MyService1", targetNamespace = "http://com.mycompany.service1", serviceName = "MyService1")

      @WebService(name = "MyService2", targetNamespace = "http://com.mycompany.service2", serviceName = "MyService2")

      When I deploy the web application war file the jboss generates the same wsld for both services. It looks like the wsdl of the first web service overides the wsdl of the second.

      If I deploy only one of the web services the application works fine and the generated wsdl is correct.

      Any help on how to solve this problem?