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    port binding name has "Port" appended to it...Can I change i

    Sureshbabu Thyvalappil Newbie

      I've a JBOSSWS autogenerated wsdl . I'm using ejb3 exposed web service and interface name is MyService. In the following section of wsdl, the port name has a "Port" appended to MyService. I want that to be MyService instead of MyServicePort. Is it possible to do it?
      You may ask why I've to do it. I have a web service running in tomcat and people are already using it. I want to deploy the same service in JBOSS in another location and use it in a round robin way between the existing tomcat service and the new jboss service. Old service has port name as "MyService". I'm hopping that if i can make the wsdl generated by jboss similar to the tomcat instance, the existing client code should work against the jboss instance.
      Any ideas??

      <soap:address location="http:/......"/>