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    Problem with a4j:status and rich:suggestionbox on same page

    Tony Mai Apprentice

      Hello all,

      I have a a4j:status on a page to display the modal dialog "Please wait..." for all AJAX event.

      When combine this a4j:status with a rich:suggestionbox, the popup for the suggestion box would not show (if there were results matching the suggestion). Surprisingly, if the suggestion did not find anything then the label for nothingLabel would display correctly.

      Is it a bug with RF or do I need to do something differently?

      My a4j:status code:

      <a4j:status onstart="Richfaces.showModalPanel('ajaxLoadingModalBox',{width:70, top:200})"
      <rich:modalPanel id="ajaxLoadingModalBox" minHeight="70" minWidth="70" height="70" width="70" zindex="2000">
       <h:graphicImage value="/img/please_wait.gif" alt="#{messages['generic.msg.pleaseWait.title']}" border="0" />

      And my suggesion box code:

      <h:inputText id="partialCompanyName" size="30" value="#{conSecuritiesMgr.partialCompanyName}">
      <rich:suggestionbox id="searchSuggestionBoxId" for="partialCompanyName"
       suggestionAction="#{conSecuritiesMgr.autoCompleteOnCompanyName}" var="result"
       ajaxSingle="true" minChars="2" requestDelay="300"
       width="400" styleClass="rsLabel" columnClasses="left">
       <h:outputText value="#{result.companyAbbrevIntlName}"/>
       <h:outputText value="#{result.companyFullIntlName}"/>

      Any ideas or suggestions?

      I am using RF 3.2.0GA with Seam 2.0.0GA on JBoss 4.2.1GA.