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    tool support for Stub based client programming model

    nafees sharif Newbie

      I have successfuly deployed a web service and i can see the WSDL file thru the http://localhost:8080/rpcStyle/SampleService?wsdl URL.

      But when i went thru the documentation about consuming web services (getting started with jboss4.0, jboss AS guide, jbossWS user guide), the impression that i gathered was that the prefered way to consume web services is by running application client on jboss. But still there are certain scenarios where a client would be a standalone java client.

      Before trying web services on jboss, i have deployed web services on tomcat using JWSDP and there i used a standalone java client based on stubs generated from published WSDL file to consume the web services. But i cudnt find a single such example (where client stub is generated) in above mentioned jboss docs. So, can somebody provide me a link or simple howTo of client stub generation using jboss specific tools (wstools or whatever)?

      Secondly, is there any documentation available on wstools ant task? I mean, just a simple doc listing all attributes and their semantics.

      Thanks for yor time all!

      PS: I am using the following:
      jbossws (and not jbossws14 which is default in 4.0.4)
      JDK 1.5