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    Dave Steinbrunn Newbie

      I'm running jbossws in standalone tomcat, version 5.5.20.

      I have an endpoint that extends ServiceLifecycle. I can see from my logs that init is being called and I have access to ServletEndpointContext.

      I have a configuration parameter I'm storing in my web.xml for the web service:


      I try to access this in MyServiceEndpoint:

      String paramValue = this.getEndpointContext().getServletContext().getInitParameter(foo);

      but I get nothing.

      I noticed that when my service is deployed another initparam is added called ServiceEndpointImpl, which is set to the name of my SEI. I also cannot access this value from within my service.

      Has anyone else encountered this issue? It's weird that I'm not seeing any of the init-params, not just the ones I added.

      Thanks in advance for your help.