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    Ejb3 JMSTransportSupport

    John Gilbert Apprentice

      Has anyone tried using JMSTransportSupport with an Ejb3 MDB?

      The error I get is:
      Cannot find serviceID for: queue/AuthorizationCallbackQueue

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          John Gilbert Apprentice

          I extended JMSTransportSupport and overrode processSOAPMessage() to get something to work with Ejb3 MDBs.

          For starters the the WebService is implements per usual as a SLSB. I am just using the MDB as an alternate path in the WebService.

          The MDB just defines the ObjectName for the real web service.

          @MessageDriven(activationConfig = {...})
          public class AuthorizationCallbackMDB extends MyJmsTransportSupport implements
           MessageListener {
           ObjectName getObjectName() {
           try {
           return new ObjectName(
           } catch (Exception e) {
           throw new RuntimeException(e);

          public abstract class MyJmsTransportSupport extends JMSTransportSupport {
           private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
           abstract ObjectName getObjectName();
           protected SOAPMessage processSOAPMessage(String fromName,
           InputStream reqMessage) throws SOAPException, IOException,
           RemoteException {
           try {
           ServiceEndpointManagerFactory factory = ServiceEndpointManagerFactory
           ServiceEndpointManager epManager = factory
           ServiceEndpoint sep = epManager
           return sep.handleRequest(null, null, reqMessage);
           } catch (BindingException ex) {
           throw new WSException("Cannot bind incomming soap message", ex);

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            John Gilbert Apprentice

            This could be handle generically without writing code. Just define the mdb in the deployment descriptor with an env-entry for the real service.


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              Thomas Diesler Master

              Thanks, this work should be done against jbossws/trunk and should go into jbossws-2.0.0.

              Maybe you could create a jira issue and attach a patch against jbossws-2.0.0.CR1

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                John Gilbert Apprentice

                one thing that is not right with this approach is that there is no jms address in the wsdl, because only the SLSB is deployed as a web service.

                any thoughts?