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    jbossws-1.0.4.GA released

    Thomas Diesler Master

      As of this post I am happy to anounce that jbossws-1.0.4.GA is released. It is a drop in replacement for jbossws-1.0.x.GA in JBossAS-4.0.4.GA and also works in standalone Tomcat. This allows you to develop standard portable J2EE1.4 web service endpoints in Tomcat that can be deployed to JBoss whenever full app server support is required.


      What's new

      * [JBWS-660] XOP inline base64Binary and sign message
      * [JBWS-779] Add webservices.xml support to wsdlTojava
      * [JBWS-868] BPEL in jbossws-samples
      * [JBWS-1113] Improve performance of Service.getPort()
      * [JBWS-1178] Multiple virtual host and soap:address problem
      * [JBWS-1182] Change wsdl-java@file to wsdl-java@location
      * [JBWS-1200] Provide source download for GA release
      * [JBWS-1261] Provide support for additional MTOM java types besides byte[]
      * [JBWS-1299] Add support for wsdl-java@parameter-style
      * [JBWS-1302] Use EAR name in context root for EJB endpoints
      * [JBWS-1323] Add JBoss EULA
      * Bug fixes

      For details see the change log.