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    Standlone Client access jbossws over ssl

    AT Quake Newbie

      As I know, I can set Standlone Client System Properties to enable ssl accessing:

      System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStore", sslstore);
      System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword", pass);

      However, if the client need to use two different ssl connections, this will cause the problem. I just wonder whether there is an alternative way to create a web service over ssl. I saw there is a method in org.jboss.ws.jaxrpc.ServiceFactoryImpl as following:

       * Create a <code>Service</code> instance.
       * @param wsdlURL URL for the WSDL document location
       * @param serviceName QName for the service.
       * @param mappingURL URL for the jaxrpc-mapping.xml document location
       * @param securityURL URL for the jboss-ws-security.xml file
       * @return Service.
       * @throws ServiceException If any error in creation of the specified service
      public Service createService(URL wsdlURL, QName serviceName, URL mappingURL, URL securityURL) throws ServiceException

      I guess maybe this is the solution but I have no idea about jboss-ws-security.xml. Can anybody help me?

      Thanks in advance.