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    Rewriting of soap address in JBoss 4.0.5/JBossWS 1.0.3

    Bill Pfeiffer Newbie

      When using JBossWS 1.0 with JBoss 4.0.4.GA, I modified the jbossws14.sar/meta-inf/jboss-service.xml to change the WebServiceHost attribute of the ServiceEnpointManager mbean to use the hard coded URL of my production web site (rather than use the machine name which is not exposed externally).

      How is this accomplished in the new jbossws 1.0.3 and JBoss 4.0.5? I haven't seen anything in the change log that discusses this. The Wiki mentions a jbossws.beans/jboss-beans.xml which I can't seem to locate. I tried declaring the mbean in the 4.0.5 jbossws jboss-service.xml file, but, as I suspected, it is now being loaded from another config file and my entry errors out as a duplicate mbean.

      Any ideas on how to accomplish the rewrite of the soap address in the new release?

      Bill Pfeiffer