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    Table update without footer/header?

    Dmitry Shultz Novice

      Is there any way to avoid the footer update during asynch table update?
      I have some input fields in the footer and thay are cleaned up during the update.

      I'm using Table with Subtables, so the update is actually relevant for subtables only, it will be great to have some way to specify updates for subtables only.

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          1. there is no way to exclude something inside the rendered hierarchy. Probably, you can save part of the DOM on the client before the ajax request and replace updated part with it after the Ajax response is done. However, it looks like a hack.

          2. why your inputs become empty. It is abnormal behavior. The value of the input fields should be saved on the server in submitedValue and restored during the rendering.

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            Dmitry Shultz Novice

            the value is washed from the input field during the typing, so it's not submited yet.
            Probably I can save it on 'key up' but the focus will be gone as well..

            I'm reading just now about the 'ajaxKeys' parameter and loks like it can help but it is not very clear from the documentation if it should be specified for each subtable or should it be specified on the rich:table level?
            What are the expected values for this parameter?

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              Dmitry Shultz Novice

              Unfortunately i can't manage the 'ajaxKeys' parameter to work for Table.

              After specifying the Set of Integers as the value for 'ajaxKeys' (one Integer for each row) i still can't force the a4j:pool to update only one particular column specifying the column component id (outputText) in the reRender list of ajax pool (pretty much the same way as it done for "Iteration components Ajax attributes" example (page 27 of reference pdf except of the dataTable is used instead of a4j:repeat)

              Is there any special conditions should be satisfied to make it work for the rich:dataTable?