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    Consuming .net web service with NTLM authentication?

    Johan Lundström Newbie


      We have a JBoss 4.0.2 install and I have developed a service to consume a .net web service with NTLM authentication (handshake). I used Axis2 for this and I cannot figure out how to add the library files to use Axis2 libraries for this application.
      The deployed application is a 3rd party product, which has extensibility capabilities, i.e. add *.jar files and then configure a scheduler to execute.

      Anyone now how to add support for Axis2 in JBoss 4.0.2 ? is it possible? If not can anyone give me any pointers who to generate the proxy and to be able to use NTLM logg in ? (Can I switch the HttpClient jar?) since it is in the httpclient the ntlm handshake accours.

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