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    jbossws-1.0.4 build/test problem

    Wayne Hannam Newbie

      I attempted to build 1.0.4 out of the repository, using ant-1.6.5, and got the null pointer exception mentioned in the wiki at:


      I upgraded to ant-1.7.0RC1, which includes Xerces 2.8.2, and now when attempting to run the test suite, I get the following

      C:\jboss_build\jbossws-1.0\src\test\build.xml:291: The following error occurred
      while executing this line:
      C:\jboss_build\jbossws-1.0\src\test\ant\build-jars-jaxrpc.xml:1759: No WEB-INF/w
      eb.xml file was added.
      If this is your intent, set needxml='false'

      This didn't look like it would be an issue with the ant version.

      I checked out the build.xml in src/test, and it wasn't readily apparent where I was supposed to set this.