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    New to JBoss and JBoss WS

    Ernie Ho Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss. I have recently generated WebService Java Inteface proxies using Axis 1.4. I was able to code a Java client (JSP) on top of it and run it on Tomcat 5.0 smoothly, simply by placing the appropriate axis libraries under \lib

      I assumed a similiar process would apply to JBoss4.0 but I encountered some challenges. It seems that JBoss 4.0 has its own version of Axis library (axis-ws4ee.jar) under \client, and this JAR doesnt seem to support the interfaces generated by Axis 1.4 .

      Question is : Does Jboss4.0 support Axis? if so, what version ?

      I couuldnt work around the issue, so I decided to download JBoss WS 1.0.3 GA and hope to use it to generate the Java intefaces using it. but I dont know if there is a similar (WSDL to Java) tool I could use. i'm sure there is, just need to figure out how.

      could someone answer my questions ? Thanks for any help !