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    Request didn't include a SOAP Message

    njipwo Bertrand Newbie

      Sorry for doppelt posting.

      I don't know if this issue is related to the jbpm or the JBossWS forum.

      My problem:

      when a running BPEL process call a web service. There is no SOAPMessage in the request send to the web service.

      How is this possible inside a workflow with jPBM-BPEL ? The service is well running and sending a SOAP Message to the service regarding his WSDL-specification is successfull.

      Is this issue related to the specification of the location of the soap:address-Element in the service.imp.wsdl?

      I mean the location of the wsdl file and the soap:adress-Refence are two things different not? If i specify the soap:adress-Refence as i mean it's also OK. The SOAP message i'm sending will be included insinde the HTTP-Request to this resource.

      Where is the problem hier?

      can some one help me please ?